Summer of Entertainment and Culture

The summer season is reserved for numerous entertainment, cultural and sports events so every week (in July and August) tourists can enjoy the fun Fishermen’s Nights accompanied by fish dishes, dance and live music, Waiters’ Races and High Heels Races, Musical Promenades and the Feast of St. Rocco. For those that prefer ‘quieter’ tunes there are the Chanson Evenings where you can relax listening to vocal performances of a jazz duo and concerts of Dalmatian klape (groups of a capella singers) through which you can get to know traditional Croatian vocal music of Dalmatian origin.

The main events of the Summer of Entertainment and Culture are: Drvenik Craft Beer Fest (the end of June/beginning of July) and Drvenik Wine Expo (the beginning of August).

Drvenik Craft Beer Fest, or Beer Festival, offers you the possibility to taste various kinds of craft beer made by small producers, each of which stands out with a specific taste that no words can describe. It is best you taste them yourself and indulge your taste buds.

Drvenik Wine Expo or Wine Festival has a longer tradition than the previously mentioned Beer Festival and is held to mark the celebration of the Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders (August 5th).It is a cultural and entertainment manifestation in which various wine makers, from the local area and beyond, have the opportunity to present the results of their your-round work, while all we can do is taste the wine and find the one that suits our taste buds the best. The people of Dalmatia have always known that prosciutto and cheese go perfectly with a good wine and you can learn it for yourself if you visit this manifestation.