Baćina Lakes

The Baćina lakes are located in Baćina, 22.5km southeast of Drvenik.They consist of six connected and one separate lake: Oćuša, Crniševo, Podgora, Sladinac, Vrbnik, Šipak and Plitko jezero. The Baćina lakes will delight you with their beauty and you can learn more about them on a photo safari. On lake Sladinac there are excursion sites ‘Sedam jezera’ (Seven lakes) and ‘Izleti Zajasen’ (Zajasen excursions) which offer tours of the lakes in a traditional Neretva boat. These excursion sites have nicely decorated places for visitors where you can enjoy both the natural beauties and traditional dishes.
Still, if you are seeking an active holiday, you can explore the lakes by cycling on a 15km long-track that connects five of the seven Baćina lakes and places Baćina and Peračko Blato. Along the track there are benches for sitting and next to the track there are water spring where you can refresh and relax.