The Church of St. George

The Church of St. George is located in Staro selo above Donja Vala, and based on the preserved stylistic marks it is supposed that its oldest part dates back to the 15th century. The church was first mentioned by Ottoman inspectors Osman Ağa (1621) and Nuh-ćehaja (1633), while the bishop of Makarska, Marijan Lišnjić (1672), mentions it in his report. The church was upgraded in 1772 and the Gothic vault in its nave has been preserved until today, while its apse is characterised by a barrel vault. Stećci (tombstones) from the 15th century were used in the construction of this church, which can be seen in the outer church walls and which are recognisable for their size, shape and chiselled motifs. At the front of the church there is a rose window with eight petals and a three-part bell-gable with two bells. On the main marble altar there is a statue of St. George (the work from Tyrol).The church was again extended in 1887, and since 1976 it has been under state protection as a cultural monument.