Neretva Valley

The Neretva Valley is a beautiful and extraordinary landscape 35km away from Drvenik. It is a mosaic of a swamp, lagoon, lake, beach, river, mounds (limestone hills) and a mountain.
Geographically it is completely different from the rest of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Neretva Delta covers an area of 120km².It is rich in plant and animal species, with more than 310 bird species and 820 plant species recorded. Metković, a town in the Neretva Valley, is home to the second largest ornithological collection in Europe.
The area, characterised by a peculiar landscape, is also rich in monumental heritage. Archaeological findings, old fortresses and remnants of settlements from the antiquity bear witness to significant historic events in this area. The majority of cultural and historical monuments are Illyrian stone mounds and medieval stećci (tombstones), and the most significant archaeological complex is located in Vid, where the large town of Narona was situated in Roman times (2nd century BC).Narona is one of the most significant and the second largest Roman town on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic. It was built on the foundations of a Greek port town from the 4th century BC. You can see all the Roman remnants at the Archaelogical Museum Narona in Vid.